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Plant power! The Vegan Organic Network (VON) ‘Save our Wildlife’ School, Youth and Video Awards is an exciting environmental competition for change-makers. Showing what we eat and how we grow our food today will decide the future of tomorrow!

The competition gives those with a passion for our planet, an affection for our animals and a natural love for nature the chance to be heard and get creative.

Schools, educators, leading organisations and individuals from all across the UK took part in last year’s competition to help raise the alarm and spread the urgent message that animals are losing lives, homes and families – but together we can create the change that’s urgently needed.

The showreels were shared at COP26, across social media and the virtual awards were presented by Luke Scott III including a compilation video of the art work from the school children, pictures and video of the children with their winning certificates.

Guests at the event: Sailesh Rao from Climate Healers, Catrina Fenton the Head of the Heritage Seed Library and Willow Weaver Cherry Chung.

Take a look at some of the entries:



“VON’s Wildlife Awards is a much needed educational initiative which we heartily recommend to schools. Involving children in making a video about saving wildlife will encourage critical thinking about pressing environmental issues whilst engaging their creativity in a fun and impactful way.”


Edward Sherratt, Oastlers School

“Art is a powerful way to communicate a key message and I am excited for my students to be involved in this project – it focuses on key issues that are not only important to them, but also our planet as a whole”



“Any way in which young people can creatively fight for a better future for themselves and the planet is an important thing, this competition is an example of how it can be done.”

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