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Vine veganism in education
Nurture children’s empathy and compassion toward all sentient beings.
vegan teaching resources

Advocate for the inclusion of veganism in education and the benefits this can bring for children’s academic and SMSC development, health and well-being, as well as the future sustainability of the planet.

vegan education resources

Produce and recommend reliable, age-appropriate learning resources to encourage children’s critical thinking on the moral status of animals and the ethical choices available to them.

Veganism and mental health

Encourage an understanding of veganism and the interconnections between injustices suffered by humans, animals and the planet.

vegan education in school curriculum

Offer reliable resources on the benefits of plant-based diets for health and the environment.

vegan School curriculum

Encourage the inclusion of veganism in Religious Education as a secular and religious worldview and advocate for the right of vegans to sit on Standing Advisory Councils.

vegan School teachers

Create and recommend learning resources on sustainability from a vegan perspective.

vegan education

Provide teacher training resources and online CPD courses.

vegan religious education

Encourage a vegan-inclusive community within schools and the wider society, acquainting educators with the legal mandates supporting this inclusivity.

Sustainability education by veganism

Feature leading articles from arts, humanities and science to demonstrate, amongst other things, the sentience of animals and speciesism, that empathy is a valuable skill that can be developed, and the benefits of plant-based diets for health and the environment.

education about animal ethics

Forge collaborative ventures in schools with like-minded organisations recognised for promoting empathy, ethics, health and well-being and environmental issues.

teaching Veganism and the environment education

Vine Vegan education

Develop a forum for education professionals to share ideas and expertise on the academic content and delivery of veganism in education.

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