2023 Spirited Arts & Poetry Competition

This year VinE & AIA are jointly sponsoring the theme “All God’s Creatures?” to highlight the importance of animals.

ENTRIES ARE NOW CLOSED – see competition results here.

Get involved in the 2023 Spirited Arts & Poetry Competition, run by NATRE (the National Association of Teachers of Religious Education and join hundreds of schools from around the world taking part in this year’s competition.

All God’s Creatures?

Do animals belong to God? Are they part of a divine plan? Do animals have souls? The beauty and sheer awesomeness of non-human animals with whom we share planet Earth is celebrated in many of the world’s religions. Some worldviews see all living beings as interconnected, yet others emphasise the separateness and superiority of humans over other animals. Animals play a huge part in all our lives, whether we realise or not. How humans interact with other animals and the natural world impacts on all living beings and the planet. This theme invites exploration of ideas and beliefs about non-human animals. Great work will show originality and flare coming from deep consideration of the issues. Challenge learners to engage thoughtfully with scripture, philosophy, and scientific enquiry to write an inspiring passage to accompany stunning images. VinE is delighted to partner with NATRE and the Animals Interfaith Alliance (AIA) to bring you this theme.

NATRE welcomes entries in (almost!) any art form, including:

  • Art (painting, drawing, sketching etc)
  • Poetry
  • Photography
  • Dance
  • Music
  • Drama
  • Sculpture

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